Chainsaw Carved Animals – Tips And Tricks

Since time immemorial, humans have been creating sculptures using several different mediums and due to the availability of an abundance of good wood, this is one business that has continued to flourish. The past few centuries have, however, seen wood carving undergo several changes in the way that it is done. Today, thanks to civilization and the invention of modern tools, a range of techniques and various carving tools have now been made available to make wood sculpture making easier and better.

Chainsaw Carved Animals

The advantage of wood sculptures over their earthen counterparts is that with proper care, wooden sculptures can literally last forever. A quick stroll to any local museum will show you several examples of ancient wooden sculptures that have survived through time. Fortunately, modern tools like chainsaw help to make the process of wooden sculpture making easier and better.

In this article, will be looking at a few tips and tricks that beginners can adopt to make their chainsaw wood carving came better. The guide will go over important aspects like tools, the best types of wood, and easy techniques. Check it out.

Picking The Right Chainsaw For Carving Animals

This is one of the first and most important things to think about – the right chainsaw that will do the job perfectly for you. Thankful, almost all types of chainsaw can be used for chainsaw wood carving, even with the best chainsaw under 200. However, different chainsaws will have different uses as far as this job is concerned. For example, a big saw will be essential for shopping away large pieces of woods, while the smaller ones will be important for handling the aspect of detailing. Both electric and gas chainsaws are great for wood carving, although most carvers tend to gravitate their preference towards the gasoline-powered option.

Irrespective of type, however, the best chainsaw that you can adapt for wood carving is the one that you can just comfortably and conveniently use. It is entirely a bad idea to go with a chainsaw that’s too big or too heavy for you. You need one that you can stay balanced while holding, since it helps you to focus well on the progress of your work and not on the saw

The Different Types of Wood For Carving

Having talked a bit about chainsaws and their role in the whole carving process, let’s now turn our attention the different types of woods that can be used for this purpose. Note that the design of your animal carving will be strongly affected by the type of wood you adopt. Hence, once the necessary equipment is prepared and you’ve chosen the right chainsaw, it’s now time to decide on the best type of wood to be used. Woods come in different species and each species works well for a different type of carving. This is the reason why it is very important for a wooden animal carver to understand the characteristics of each type of wood before beginning. Different types of wood come with unique textures and features that usually determine how the wood responds to chainsaw and carving technique.

The availability of so many woods on earth for carving gives you an unlimited option to choose from for carving. Whatever your wood choice, however, it is essential to purchase the wood from a trusted wood supplier.

Below, let’s take a look at some of the most common wood options as far as chainsaw wooden animal carving is concerned.


This is one of the most popular types of wood for chainsaw animal carving, and most woodworkers adopt it as their favorite choice. Despite its classification as hardwood, you will discover that it is relatively soft and can be carved easily with a chainsaw.

Beginners will find it as a nice option considering that it excels at accepting and holding details. This type of wood is easily found considering that most manufacturers have them in their offering. However, you must realize that it is a very expensive option to purchase.



This is yet another polar wood among chainsaw woodcarvers. In general, this type of wood is reddish and comes with its distinctive grain pattern. It is a strong lightweight wood; hence its preference for sculpturing sharp bends.

Overall, this is wood can easily be worked on with a chainsaw, but it is relatively expensive



This is yet another popular choice. However, it is often very expensive because of its several unique features. Its rich colors make it a desirable wood for furniture making, especially when you can finish it with a clear sealer. It is generally classified as hardwood, although not too hard to carve.


This kind of wood claims 25 species around the world. It has a distinctive color that’s quite attractive even without any additional paint. It is soft; hence the ease it offers during carving. It is relatively cheap too.

Important Tips and Tricks For Chainsaw Wood Carving

Here are a few tips that can help you perform better as a chainsaw woodcarver.

  • Become dollar with the chainsaw – The first thing to do is to understand the fundamental of working with a chainsaw,  how to maintain it and of course, how to use it safely. Usually, the owners manual should help you navigate through most of these.
  • Ensure the use of proper safety equipment – Chainsaws can often be dangerous if used inappropriately. This is the major reason why experts will always recommend the use of safety gears during every operation.
  • Always keep the chainsaw sharp – This is a no-brainer, considering that it is the sharpness of the chain that determines how effective the saw would be on a generic note.
  • Consider purchasing books on woodcarving – This is one tip that helps you develop your expertise.
  • Practice on smaller pieces – It takes constant practice to become the expert that you desire to become. So, you can start on a few small and less important pieces before moving on to bigger ones.

Wood carving is one craft that has lasted through time. We do not expect it to become less popular any soon. Hence, the more you are able to acquaint yourself with the carving processes, the more rewarding it can before you.

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Bear Carved Out of Wood: Is It Easy?

Wood carving is a craft that has been around for long. Over time, intelligent craftsmen have learned to carve several different animals from wood. In all fairness, these guys are good at what they do.

Most of such carvings can be bought in art fairs, but it will mostly cost you quite a fortune to buy one that’s customized to your taste. Bear carving had become one of the most popular in recent times and people are rushing to buy it for decorating homes, gardens, and office areas.

Bear Carved Out of Wood

The question we’ve had to address several times is how easy it is to make bear carving. Of course, the answer to this is relative to who’s asking and their level of experience in carving. Thankfully, there are quite a lot of instructional videos that can help serious artist get the best out of their wooden bear carvings. If you desire to learn the intricacies of carving a wooding bear, then you are in the right place, because this article will be focused on explaining some of the basic things every beginner needs to know about bear carving. hope that by the end of it, you will be set to handle your first wooden bear carving task with very little or no supervision at all. Let’s go;

The key to chainsaw carving or in fact any other carving is being able to break it down into sections. Carving wood is just a series of subtractions. You want to get more detailed with each subtraction; hence the need to be careful at it. Most experts will advise that you start with the basic blocking out, then move on to chipping away at features. Always remember that carving a bear or in fact, any other thing is a subtraction business and not addition. Although there could be room for fixing a few overcuts here and there, but it is often easier to just blend in.

So, what tools do you need?

The basic tools needed for bear carving include:

  • Wood: Of course, you are carving out of wood, so this is one thing you can’t do without throughout the process. You can either buy already prepared wood from the market, or step into the forest yourself to get good logs for yourself. Buying from the market is quite easier, but felling a tree by yourself is cheaper and by all means, guarantees getting the best for your need.
  • Chainsaw: This is an important tool as far as wood carving is concerned. You will basically need two sizes of chainsaw to get the perfect carving for you sculpture. The chainsaw with a large bar for cutting the logs into smaller sizes fit for your carving. The chainsaw with a smaller bar for carving the wood into your desired shape. For most basic bear carvings, you can get away with the carving bar.
  • Angle Grinder: This is definitely needed for shaping and smoothing the sculpture. You need to get a few sanding discs of different textures to use for shaping the wood towards your desired shape.
  • Others: other basic tools that you will need through out the process include a drill, wire brush and a flap disc.
  • For finishing, a tiger/roofing touch would do if you are not carving at a professional level. You also need a semi-transparent stain to get it to the look you desire.

What About Safety?

Bear Carved

Like in most other carvings, bear carving comes with its own safety issues. You don’t want to get yourself badly injured from carving your first bear. Hence the need to pay enough importance to personal safety. There are quite a few steps worth taking to be on the safe side of life through out each job.

Glasses are a must: Wood carving as a whole produces a lot of dust and small wood particles. These particles, if not well handled can easily fly into the eyes. The sensitivity of the eyes means that you need to have it covered with a safe transparent through out the process to avoid debris from flying into it.

Insulated overalls are also advisable, since it is able to cover most sensitive part of your body. If you are going to wear jeans, however, we suggest wearing a good chainsaw chap or pang.

Boots and helmet: Since you will be dealing with heavy woods and materials throughout the cutting process, it will be advisable to have safety boots and helmets on, so that you will be protected in case of sudden falls on your head and feet.

With these equipment in place, bear carving can be really easy and interesting. All you need is a little guide and you are good to go. Fortunately, there are thousands of useful channels and videos on YouTube that can walk you through the process of creating your first bear sculpture with wood.

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The Best Wood for Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carving patterns: What you may not know

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The Best Wood for Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaws are not only meant for cutting down trees and milling, but you can also use them to show off your carving skills. Sculptures are some of the most ancient forms of art created by man. If you look around, you will find several amazing artefacts made using different methods including wood carving. Before the invention of chainsaws, wood carving was quite time-consuming. Today you can create a perfect sculpture within hours if you have the right tools.

Using a power tool to carve your favourite animals or people is a skill that requires a lot of practice. To start off, you will need a good chainsaw and wood, but not all woods are ideal for chainsaw carving. In this article DoorFurnitureOnline will list some of the best woods you can consider if you want to start nurturing your skill.

Best Wood for Chainsaw Carving

Why should you consider the type of wood?

One thing about art is that it can turn an ordinary object to an amazing structure if the right skills are applied. However, you cannot turn any wood out there to furniture or animal-like sculpture. Some woods are just impossible to curve may be because of their texture or appearance. Therefore, to get the best product you will need the best raw material you can get.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the wood’s hardness. You wouldn’t want a tree that will strain your chainsaw and end up damaging it after one carving. But again, do not pick the softest woods because they can break easily during the process. Experts recommend that you use hardwood to get the best sculpture. To achieve this, you will also need one of the toughest chainsaws in the market if you want your task to run smoothly.

Another important thing is how the final product will look if you used that wood. After all, beauty is the whole point of art, and that is the measure of success. Note that both the hardness and appearance of the wood you choose will largely depend on what you want to carve out of it.



Oak has been used to create sculptures since time immemorial. If you are getting into the carving industry, you would want to consider using this type of wood. It is not only hard enough to resist any unintended breaks but also has a beautiful appearance. It is one of the strongest timber out there. Therefore, you can make any drawings on it, and they will come out as you wish. Oak is an ideal choice if you want carve complex sculptures like dragons and some special furniture.



Basswood is known to be quite sturdy and strong, giving you the ability to create complex patterns on it. One thing that makes it stand out from the rest is its malleability. You can easily bend basswood without it cracking. This is an important feature that allows one to explore various styles. Worried about weight? Well, basswood is one of the lightest woods used in chainsaw carving.



Another great option for beginners is cottonwood. This gives you the best first experience in the world of chainsaw carving. However, due to its quality, it is not the best for professional artists. But that doesn’t mean you cannot carve anything decent out of it. The only disadvantage is the fact that it is soft, which could also be a benefit to someone who is doing it for the first time. You can easily find cottonwood as it is one of the most common trees in this list.



Do you love walnuts? Yes, that delicious winter treat! If they are your favourite then you will love the walnut wood even more. One of this wood’s unique features is durability. Of course, you would want to carve something that will last for years, and that means choosing a raw material that gives you the ability. The strength of walnut wood allows you to carve and draw on them whatever you want.



Last but not least is the famous mahogany tree. Its strength and durability make it one of the best chainsaw carving woods for both beginners and seasoned artists. You can use a high-powered chainsaw, and it won’t split like other softwoods. Also, it is hardly ruined by rain since it doesn’t swell when soaked in water.

As you can see, there are several types of wood that you can use in chainsaw carving. The main factors to consider include their hardness, appearance, and durability. The trees mentioned in this article will come with at least two or all of these properties. As stated, if you are a beginner, you would want to start with cottonwood which is quite soft. The likes of mahogany and basswood are hard enough to withstand severe conditions.

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Chainsaw carving patterns: What you may not know

What kind of saw do I need to carve?

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Chainsaw carving patterns: What you may not know

Chainsaw carving patterns

How much do you know about chainsaw carving patterns? Not only one time, DoorFurnitureOnline got that question

Historically speaking, chainsaw carving has been around since the 1950s. It has since become very popular and more people are still learning it. Despite the addition of more safety features to modern chainsaws, carving using these tools is still quite dangerous, and care must be taken during the process.

Chainsaw carving, like any other task, has a formula that ensures the desired output is achieved. That is why you will find all wood covers using some kind of pattern to accomplish their tasks. Of course, some of them have mastered the art to the point that they do not need to refer to the patterns every now and then.

However, as a beginner, it is important that you identify a carving pattern that you can start with. As such, you will have the correct proportions and a sketch of what you intend to do. Remember that this is not like a drawing where you can easily rub some parts in case of a mistake. Chainsaw carving involves permanent changes on the wood; therefore, once a mistake is made, it cannot be undone.

How to make your own chainsaw carving patterns

If you want to do a unique artwork, you might be forced to come up with your pattern. Fortunately, it is not a difficult task, and you can do it provided you have your thoughts well organised. Pick a paper and a pen, make yourself comfortable and transform your ideas into a real image.

How to make your own chainsaw carving patterns

Another way of creating the best and most useful pattern is by using a 3D app. Technology has been of great help to every industry, and it would be very annoying if there weren’t a way of integrating it with the carving industry. There is an app by called Pose Tool 3D. You can download it on your smartphone, and it will work seamlessly if you follow these procedures:

  1. Choose a figure that you want and pose it in the app. The best part is that you can set the age, sex, and body size of your prefered object.
  2. Customise as much as you want and once you are done, take screenshots of the sides, back, and front. Print the screenshots and draw the clothing.

Both of these options will give you what you want. The final step will be to transfer whatever you have drawn to the wood.

Where to get ready-made chainsaw patterns

You might be wondering whether you can find some already drawn carving patterns. Well, I’ve been there too, drawing your own images from scratch can be intimidating. Luckily, if you have access to the internet, you have all the materials you need to get started. Browse through some carving-related websites and see what you will find. Another great source of such patterns is the children’s colouring books.

Pinterest – Regardless of the industry you are working in, Pinterest is your ultimate source of artistic images. Many woodworkers have found some of their ideas from this website, and I am sure you will come across something amazing too.

Children’s colouring books – If you have a tight budget and cannot access the internet easily (which I doubt in this day and age) then you can opt for children’s colouring books. If you don’t have some stored at home, you can go to the nearest bookshop and get a new one for a few bucks. You might not have a wide range of images in these books, but it is a good place to start. – Some old artwork websites have been closed down, but some are still active. On sites like, artists get to share their work for the world to see and you can pick one that interests you.

Are there any hidden costs?

Well, this depends on which patterns you decide to use. If you draw one from scratch, then it will only cost you your time. But trust me, the outcome will be worth the struggle. Some drawing apps are free, while others require a subscription.

If you decide to go for ready-made patterns, it also depends on the ones you pick and where you get them from. Some artists usually give out their patterns for free, and anyone can use them without any attached price. Some websites such as have free patterns from various artists. Others, however, have commercialised their work and anyone planning to use them will have to pay – especially the complex ones.

Final Remarks

Chainsaw carving patterns can be accessed by almost anyone interested in art. If you are still new to the industry, I would recommend using the work of expert artists as you learn. Like any skill, wood carving requires determination and constant practice. You should also be an experienced chainsaw operator to be able to do any carving.

Before you start any task, make sure that you take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. One of the precautions, of course, is picking the right chainsaw for the job. Read our blog to find out ideal chainsaws for specific tasks.

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What kind of saw do I need to carve?

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What kind of saw do I need to carve?

This article will not be based entirely on chainsaws, and that’s because we won’t be talking about cutting down trees, or even turning those trees into timber. Instead we’ll be talking about what happens next to the timber. What must happen to turn a pile of wood into a cupboard, or a table, or a chair, or a sculpture? The answer is that it has to be carved.

Within this article, we’ll be discussing what carving is, as well as the best tools that you can use to be able to get the job done of efficiently as possible, with possible recommendations.

What is carving?

Carving with chainsaw

Carving is the process of turning something (something, solid that is) into something else. Whilst this article will be focused on wood carving, there are plenty of other materials that can be carved. When you look at the marble sculptures of Michaelangelo, you can see how much skill and dedication it takes to turn a lump from nature into something beautiful. You have to have a full understanding of all of the curves and details of the image you want to produce, and be able to use whatever tools you have to turn it into said image.

But even everyday things such as chairs and tables need to be carved.

Table Saw

The first tool that you can use to carve is a table saw. This is, believe it or not, a type of saw that sits on a table. You can find them in any environment where woodwork takes places. Unlike other types of saws, the blades of a table saw are round, this means they are able to spin at incredibly high speeds, which can enable you to cut slabs of wood with absolute smoothness. However, whilst table saws are great at making general cuts, they aren’t too good at the intricate details.

Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

What kind of saw do I need to carve

The table saw I’m going to recommend to you is the Rockwell BladeRunner X2. It’s an easy to use, and very easy to set up saw, that isn’t confined to one place, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It has an incredibly fast blade that can turns at 3000 revs per minute. It also comes with a blade cover, and an emergency off switch for added safety. And on top of all that, it comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

It has a super sleek and appealing design as well.

Jig Saw

Some carvers however, will want something for the intricate details. Perhaps you want the lines to be wavy. Or perhaps you want to carve out some letters. Or maybe you want to cut out a specific shape. To do this, a good tool to use would be the jig saw. And I’m not talking about the puzzle or the 2017 horror movie.

A jig saw is a bit like a chainsaw in the sense that it’s a portable, motor powered saw. However, the blade is only an inch or so long, and instead of spinning round a bar, it just moves up and down.



The Jig Saw that I will be recommending is this beauty from Black and Decker. Not only does it cut with ease, it’s also very easy to operate. The blade can be changed without the need for any tools. The dust blower (which is built in) will prevent saw dust from clogging it up, and getting in the way of your work.

All you need to do to operate it is to hold down the on button and get to work. It’s very light weight at only 5 pounds, so anybody will be able to operate it.


Another tool that many people like to use when it comes to carving is the chainsaw. The chainsaw is actually the ideal tool for those who wish to create statue like sculptures out of wood. It’s not very easy at all, and it will take years of training. But once you’ve got the hang of it, you can create some of the most amazing sculptures. You can create animals, people, and even furniture using nothing but a chainsaw.

You can see chainsaw carvers in action at many fairs and fetes across the world. If you have the skill you may as well show it off.

Whilst in theory someone who is skilled enough could pick up any chainsaw and create artwork with it, in reality, there are certain criteria that a chainsaw needs to meet to be able to be used for carving.

Firstly, it needs to have low kickback. This means when you use it, it won’t bounce off the wood. Not only will this improve your personal safety, but it will also ensure that you can get the exact lines you’re after.

It also needs to be powerful to ensure the smoothness of the cuts. You don’t want a lovely piece ruined by being covered in splinters.

MS 192 C-E Carving chainsaw

MS 192 C-E Carving chainsaw

One such saw would be this one from Stihl.

Stihl are a well established company with a reputation for creating brilliant chainsaws, which are ideal for anyone who needs to cut down a tree.

However, this one is not for cutting down trees but for turning them into art. It’s very light, which makes it easy to pick up and use. It has low vibration and low kickback for ultimate control. The small teeth means that you can get all of the details that you need to.
But that’s not to day you need a special carving chainsaw to carve with a chainsaw.


There is no magic want or wizard when it comes to turning a fallen tree into a table. There is only skilled people with the right equipment. What type of tool you need will depend on what sort of carving you wish to do. If you want to cut straight lines, you’ll be needing a table saw. If you want to cut shapes or patterns, you’ll need a jigsaw. And if you want to create a sculpture, then you’ll be needing a chainsaw.

But all of them require time to learn them, and even more time to master them.

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